Honda Heritage rolls off Australian production line

Assembly of the all new Honda Heritage is underway at Honda’s Manufacturing Australia (HMA) facility in Melbourne, Victoria; with the first unit rolling off the Somerton Assembly line on the 7th of January 2016.

The Honda Heritage was unveiled to Honda Power Equipment dealers, across Australia at Honda’s dealer meetings during late August to early September in 2015.

Whilst the Heritage was under embargo at the time, the excitement from dealers was a clear indication that the Heritage has the perfect combination of features, expected by discerning mowing contractors.

“We’re extremely excited to launch the new Honda Heritage, it is the product of tireless engineering and ingenuity,” Mr Baynes said.

“The features included on the Honda Heritage, have been based on previous Honda attributes which are tried and proven functions.”

Production is expected to reach around 1,000 units a month.

Perfect for the landscape contractor or the keen gardener, the Honda Heritage is an Australia initiative that pairs Honda’s best advancements in technology and safety with classic design.

Featuring a 19″ lightweight Alloy deck, the Honda Heritage is built to last, yet lightweight enough to push around all day.

Its large open rear chute maximises catching performance in wet and dry conditions. The Heritage also features a 54 litre polymer catcher and comes standard with a mulching feature and Engine Brake Technology.

Best of all, the GXV engine with cast iron bore is the most reliable and durable on the market. When you see how it powers through the toughest mowing conditions, the Heritage is sure to become your new favourite.

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