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Wild dogs priority in Queensland

“We are directing $4 million to support wild dog projects in drought-hit areas and that funding is being complemented by $10 million in Commonwealth funding,” Qld Agriculture Minister Leanne Donaldson said.

“It is a sensible collaborative approach that seeks to bring together all three levels of government as well as industry oversight groups and primary producers in a practical and targeted response.

“This approach has proved so popular it attracted more than 60 expressions of interest, mainly focussed on wild dog cluster fencing and management programs.

“Control of pests such as wild dogs has been a priority for the Palaszczuk Government – an election commitment that we have fast tracked.”

Minister Donaldson said the Queensland Government’s approach was in contrast to the lack of interest of the Liberal National Party in Government and now in Opposition.

“In attacking cluster fencing the LNP is attacking the approach favoured by the Federal Agriculture Minister, Barnaby Joyce.

“The projects Mr Joyce has enthusiastically supported will take a multi-pronged approach, undertaking a range of activities such as cluster fencing, baiting and trapping, and weed management of the key pest plant prickly acacia.

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