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Country of Origin labelling a good step

The Victorian Farmers Federation has backed most of the Federal Government’s improvements to the Country of Origin labelling which will deliver clarity to consumers and a more level playing field for Australian farmers.

“These changes help rid our supermarket shelves of vague and confusing labelling and replace them with clearer Country of Origin standards,” VFF President Peter Tuohey said.

“This means consumers can trust that what they’re buying is genuinely Australian and not something made here with who knows what produce?”

However, the VFF is opposed to the use of the kangaroo logo on products which may contain as little as 10 per cent Australian ingredients.

Under the government’s labelling changes, products such as Canadian pork could be sold in Australia with the kangaroo logo, because it may contain as little as 10 per cent Australian brine and other additives.

“The kangaroo logo shouldn’t be anywhere near those products,” VFF Pig Group President John Bourke said.

“Meat is either grown in Australia or overseas and if it’s not grown here, then we shouldn’t be giving consumers the impression that it is by using the kangaroo logo.”

Mr Bourke said Government decision makers didn’t understand the seriousness of the issue.

“The problem is that the people making these rules are too far removed from farmers,” Mr Bourke said.

The VFF policy remains firm that any product containing less than a majority of Australian ingredients should not carry the kangaroo logo.

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