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Aquaculture report released

The Queensland Government released a strategy to promote the growth of sustainable aquaculture in Queensland.

Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Leanne Donaldson said the Queensland Aquaculture Policy Statement and the Government’s response to the Aquaculture Regulation in Queensland report paved the way for more innovation and a larger aquaculture industry in the state.

“Aquaculture has the potential to develop into a much larger industry and the Government is very keen to see it expand, to not only supply local seafood but support regional jobs growth,” Minister Donaldson said.

“Queensland’s aquaculture industry employs more than 450 full-time equivalents, has a gross value of production of over $120 million and represents more than 38 per cent of the total state value of fisheries production.

“As a government, we are keen to encourage businesses to invest in aquaculture and want to reduce barriers to entry.

“A key to the approach is balancing environmental protection with industry development.

“The report prepared by the Queensland Competition Authority clearly recognised the challenges of managing nutrients and the impacts on water quality in the Great Barrier Reef.

“The Government carefully considered all report recommendations, and implementing the supported recommendations will assist in creating greater certainty for industry.”

Key recommendations supported from the report include:

  • the creation of terrestrial aquaculture development areas
  • developing assessment codes which contain the regulatory conditions for aquaculture in that area for each aquaculture development area
  • providing certainty about the future price and availability of environmental offsets; and
  • investigating the potential for marine aquaculture development areas.

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