Bred Well Fed Well to boost WA’s reproduction rates

Combining top genetics with superior ewe feed management can boost reproduction rates, and Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) Bred Well Fed Well workshops will show producers how.

WA producers have an opportunity to attend one of two Bred Well Fed Well workshops:

  • ‘Far Valley Dohne’, Arthur River; 9:30am to 4:00pm; Wednesday 31 August 2016
  • ‘Woodyarrup’, Broomehill; 9am to 3:30pm; Wednesday 14 September 2016.

Bred Well Fed Well is a practical, one-day workshop highlighting the key production benefits of superior genetics, plus feed management for improved reproductive performance and flock productivity.

The workshops, supported by MLA, are an opportunity for producers to gain knowledge and skills in genetics and nutrition to help meet their enterprise objectives.

Workshop facilitator Jason Trompf said the hands-on, one-day workshops give producers practical tools to optimise reproduction and profitability in their ewe flocks.

“The day is squarely aimed at improving the profitability of ewe flocks because they are the engine room of the industry,” said Dr Trompf.

“For example, important elements of the practical one day workshop will be setting breeding goals for ewe flocks and how using tools like Breeding Values can help producers meet their goals.

“We are excited about the opportunities that combining good breeding with good feeding will bring to the sheep industry,” he said.

The workshops focus on the following:

  • Improved understanding of how to use reliable breeding tools to improve enterprise profitability;
  • how to develop a breeding objective for your sheep enterprise;
  • better management of ewe nutrition for reproductive performance and flock profitability; and
  • skills in assessing ewe condition and developing simple energy budgets for the ewe flock.

Practical sessions include condition scoring, feed budgeting, ram rankings and ram selection. Follow-up courses in these areas will be offered for those wishing to further develop skills in breeding and nutritional management.

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