Wheat varieties revealed for NSW growers

Australian wheat breeding company LongReach Plant Breeders has revealed two new wheat varieties for NSW growers.

Reliant and LRPB11-0140, bred by LRPB and marketed by Advanta Seeds, are currently being bulked up on farms to be ready for purchase and sowing next season.

Reliant is a mid-season maturity variety suited to NSW with a similar planting window to Suntop and comes with an Australian Prime Hard rating in northern NSW and an Australian Hard classification in southern NSW.

LRPB11-0140 is a dual-purpose, long-season APH variety suited to all areas of NSW that grow Wedgetail.

Advanta Seeds wheat technical manager Colin Edmondson said the new releases will provide growers with options that work better on-farm.

“With every new release we aim to build on our record of consistent field performance with high strike rates for grain receival specifications, and sought-after quality classifications,” he said.

Mr Edmondson said Reliant, trialled as LRPB10-2506, offers high yields with reliability that delivers.

“Reliant has shown it can consistently out yield Suntop and has been the highest yielding APH variety in Queensland and northern NSW main season NVT trials over the past few seasons.

“Long-term yield data shows it is particularly well adapted in low to medium (1-4t/ha) yielding environments.

“Reliant has dealt with our recent tough finishes in its stride consistently delivering lower screenings than Suntop in the main season NVT trials.”

Mr Edmondson said yield performance was best when planted in the main season window based on its mid-season maturity.

It has a good test weight; similar to its parents Gregory and Crusader, and its grain protein is similar to other dominant yielding varieties.

Reliant is resistant to Stem Rust (R) and Leaf Rust (RMR), and has adult plant resistance to Stripe Rust (MRMS), which is an improvement on the Crusader parent, but it may require some fungicide support in high pressure situations.

The variety is moderately susceptible to Yellow Leaf Spot (MSS), and shows improvement for Crown Rot (MS-S preliminary) over Gregory.

Reliant has strong RLN (P. thornei) tolerance (T) with similar RLN resistance to its parents (MSS preliminary).

Mr Edmondson said LRPB11-0140, soon to be named, contained the three winter genes similar to Wedgetail, so it was suited to early planting similar to how growers use Wedgetail.

It also offers improved disease resistance over Wedgetail, especially for Stripe Rust (RMR), Stem Rust (MRMS) and Leaf Rust (MRMS).

Additionally, there is a significant test weights (4-6kg/HL) improvement over Wedgetail with solid grain package.

“It’s been a long time since we have had a new dual-purpose wheat released with a good quality classification, so a Prime Hard with more reliability for test weight will be well received on farm.

“Having the right maturity and growth habit is critical for a dual-purpose wheat so we are very excited about LRPB11-0140. Growers have been asking us for a Wedgetail alternative for a long time”

LongReach Plant Breeders is a joint venture between Syngenta Seeds Pty Ltd and Advanta Seeds Pty Ltd.

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