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More mental health support for dairy farmers

The Victorian Government is expanding the mental health support provided to Victorian dairy farmers by offering free Mental Health First Aid training to stock drivers and veterinarians.

A $1.5 million assistance package to support dairy farmers has been rolled out throughout affected communities, providing a range of services to address mental health and suicide prevention.

It provides critical support to dairy farmers who are currently experiencing particularly difficult times, and also to local communities to ensure those affected are looking out for each other.

Recognising that secondary industries are affected by the downturn, the Government has expanded the Mental Health First Aid Training program to be available to stock drivers and veterinarians to assist them to both look after themselves and support their community.

Mental Health First Aid Training will also be offered to those who regularly come in contact with dairy farmers, such as stock drivers and veterinarians to assist them to provide better support.

Forums with industry representatives, health services and local community members including farmers have helped design and plan the delivery of a support package that meets the needs of the dairy farmers, their families and the community.

Community consultations will continue to ensure that the support provided through the Mental Health Package funding meets the needs of the farmers and their families.

In total, the Labor Government is providing $11.4 million in assistance to support farmers who need it.

This includes working with regional staff and service providers to ensure they are aware and ready to respond to affected dairy farmers and their families.

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