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Best tips to spruce up your garden

Honda's tips to spruce up your garden

Why pay someone to landscape your garden when you could follow these easy do-it-yourself tips to save you a fortune.

It all starts with the health of your lawn. A well-maintained lawn is the easy way to make your garden more attractive.

1. Equipment

The last thing you want is to be half-way through the front yard when your tools kick the bucket. Investing in a high-quality, reliable machine is a great start, and regular maintenance could save you time when you can least afford it. Whether it’s a scheduled service, a quick check of the carburettor or picking up a spare air filter, it will save you time and money in the long term.

Consider getting a good quality lawnmower. A 4-Stroke engine is the way to go. They are more reliable and have no fuel mixing which will save you time and hassle!

2. Safety

Check that you’ve got good-quality protective gear before you head outside. From the basics like sunscreen, a good hat and sturdy footwear, to comfortable gloves, earmuffs and eye protection, nobody wants to get injured on the job. While you’re at it, carefully check that you’re not going to run over any kids’ toys, rubbish or – gulp – dog poo. One feature that Honda mowers provide is Mow Safe Engine Brake technology which stops the blades and engine within 3 seconds upon release of the handle. In times of need, that’s extremely handy!

3. Prep

As a general guide, work from top to bottom. Tree branches and tall hedges should be the first to be trimmed before taking to taller plants and moving onto the flowerbeds. To add that professional touch to your lawn, remember to always trim the edges or areas your lawn mower can’t get to. The easiest way to do this is by using a brushcutter. We can’t go past the Honda UMS425 Bent Shaft for the job. It’s the worlds best selling 4-Stroke Brushcutter and is currently on sale at $329*.

Although it can prove the most satisfying of all the tasks, don’t mow your lawn until all the other tasks have been done – by letting all the clippings end up on the grass, you’ll only need to do it once.

4. Lawn

When your lawn starts to look brown and unkept it can really bring down the aesthetic of your yard. By trimming one-third of the total height of the grass you will eliminate this from occurring. Using the mulching option on your lawnmower will help the health of your lawn. By redistributing the clippings back into your lawn, rather than directing them into a catcher bag, you’re providing it with a natural fertiliser. Mulching also helps retain moisture in the soil, reducing the need to water your lawn.

Of course, catching your clippings has its advantages too; when added to your compost pile, microbes and other organisms found in dirt break down the organic matter, enriching your soil and helping the environment. So, get a lawn mower that can do both! We recommend a Honda HRU19M1 Push Mower which has a grass bag and a mulching function. It also comes with a 4 Year Domestic Warranty* and it currently on sale from $839*.

5. Celebrate!

Once the hard work in the garden is done, put away the tools and celebrate. In the hotter months, the garden becomes an important space for entertaining. Add some outdoor furniture, a stereo system and some solar powered lights for when it gets dark. We promise that by following these steps, your friends will be impressed and your neighbors will be jealous!

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*4-Year Warrant applied to Domestic use and does not apply to engines sold as separate units.
*Savings based on RRP $939 for HRU19M1 and RRP $399 for UMS425. Offer ends 31/03/17 or while stocks last.

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