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Blue-Healer (PAPP antidote)

One of the key barriers to participation in broad-scale wild dog and fox 1080 baiting programs is the potential risk of accidental poisoning of working and pet dogs.

There is no antidote for 1080 poisoning. This risk has been reduced through the introduction of two new baits for wild dog and fox control containing the PAPP toxin. One of the positive aspects of the PAPP toxin is that it has an antidote if a working or pet dog accidentally eats a bait. However, the only approved methylene blue antidote product needs to be injected intravenously by a registered veterinarian within at least 60 minutes from ingestion.

invasiveanimalscrcworking-dSince 2007, the IA CRC Blue-Healer project has evaluated the safety and efficacy of different methylene blue formulations and routes of administration with the goal that owners could treat accidentally poisoned working or pet dogs.

This is a very challenging task and no dog owner administered product is approved by the APVMA yet. However, despite the size of the challenge ahead, we are still continuing research in this area.

For information regarding the process and timeline of the Blue-Healer research and development to date and why developing a glovebox antidote formulation is extremely challenging visit At present the methylene blue antidote needs to be delivered intravenously by a registered veterinarian.

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