MLA lamb campaign launches with a celebration of Australia

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has launched its latest lamb marketing campaign which puts lamb at the forefront of celebrating modern Australia and who we are as a nation.

The campaign features a cast of Australians from all walks of life coming together over a lamb barbecue, highlighting Australia’s universal love of lamb.

The campaign’s TV and online commercial opens on the pristine Australian coastline – as the nation’s first people search for the perfect spot to fire up a barbie, it doesn’t take long for other revellers to join the hosts. Every arrival, from the European settlers to the most recent of Australian migrants, is welcomed to the barbecue, each bringing their own dish and flavour to the celebrations.

The lamb barbecue has appearances from familiar faces such as Sam Kekovich, Olympian Cathy Freeman and former National Rugby League player Wendell Sailor. Other Aussies present include Australia’s culinary gem, Poh Ling Yeow, renowned Australian cricket player Adam Gilchrist and LGBTQI comedian Rhys Nicholson alongside a list of Australian extras.

MLA Group Marketing Manager Andrew Howie said this latest lamb campaign was about putting lamb at the forefront of celebrating modern Australia – and ensuring we all enjoy our lamb at barbecues right across the country this summer.

“Australia is the greatest country on earth and lamb is the nation’s favourite meat. We have brought those two things together to prove we should be able to celebrate this great country every day of the year,” Mr Howie said.

“Our marketing campaigns have proven very effective in lifting lamb sales at key times of the year for the industry – and this is particularly relevant in January, with last year’s campaign being the most successful to date.”

Mr Howie said that like the recent Spring lamb activities, this campaign is about continuing to expand the reach of lamb to all Australians and new consumers –and will utilise a number of channels and activities to reach as many Australian consumers as possible.

This will include the traditional TV and online commercial, outdoor advertising, online platforms such as Facebook and YouTube and a number of product focussed point-of-sale promotions that will deliver lamb barbecue inspiration across foodservice, independent butchers and major retailers.

This year, broadcast partner Channel Nine will support the campaign from launch, with a host of activity happening throughout January. This will include integration with the TODAY show, Australian themed movies and on air features throughout Channel Nine’s Summer of Cricket.

The campaign will also be supported by an on air partnership with the Nova Network’s Fitzy & Wippa nationwide program, airing from January 12 through to January 26 2017.

Lamb-lovers from across Australia will unite at Parramatta Park in Sydney at The Big BBQ on January 26 where both Channel Nine and Nova will be broadcasting live to their audiences.

Mr Howie said the 2017 campaign continues the established ‘You Never Lamb Alone’ platform and positions the lamb brand as inclusive – inviting everyone to the table.

“Ultimately, as the face of Australia continues to evolve and change, we need to make lamb relevant to a diverse, modern Australia,” Mr Howie said.

“This campaign does that by celebrating the diversity of Australia.

“Our marketing campaigns are informed by consumer insights and data, as well as learnings from past campaigns – and we are continually looking for improvements to create advertising that works and boosts Australian lamb.”

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