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Procedure for reporting Phylloxera infestations

Agriculture Victoria is urging Yara Valley grape growers to report any suspected signs of phylloxera infestations on their property.

Grape growers are reminded to use this process, and not report phylloxera infestations to individual staff within Agriculture Victoria who may not always be available to respond.

The Yarra Valley Wine Growers Association Inc, with support from Agriculture Victoria, is taking a proactive stance in the management of phylloxera within their region.

The Association recently undertook a leading role in the development of the phylloxera awareness campaign “Phylloxera – Stop the Spread!” which was recently launched by the Member for Eastern Victoria, Daniel Mulino in November 2016.

The campaign was targeted at the Yarra Valley region’s growers, winemakers and contractor service providers, with a primary focus on reinforcing the relevance of best practice biosecurity measures.

These measures focused on enhanced farm-gate biosecurity and consistent adoption of phylloxera management protocols.

Executive Officer for the Yarra Valley Wine Growers Association Richard Howden said the development of the phylloxera awareness program was a good example of industry and government working together to achieve a common goal.

“Phylloxera is a very important issue for the region’s viticulture industry and growers and vineyard managers play an important role in containing its spread,” Mr Howden said.

“Early reporting of new phylloxera detections is critically important to managing the pest, and a legal responsibility under the Plant Biosecurity Act 2010.”

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