John Deere introduces new C850 Air Cart

A complete air-seeding approach with technology integration improves profitability for broad-acre, small-grain producers.

For small-grain producers wanting to seed more hectares per day, John Deere introduces its largest air cart ever – the new C850.

The cart’s 850-bushel carrying capacity is 55 percent greater than previous models and provides an ideal match between cart capacity and in-field performance when appropriately paired with John Deere’s 9R Family of Tractors and Air-Drill offering.

The addition of the C850 to the air-seeding family offers outstanding performance, enhanced uptime, and reduced cost of operation.

“Producers will see industry-leading total product delivery from AirPower™ 2; standard equipment on the C850,” says Ryan Hough, John Deere product marketing manager for seeding.

“Integrated tank scales are included and a five-pivot hydraulic wireless conveyance is capable of delivering 100 bushels (3,524 litres) per minute to fill all tanks from a single positioning of the cart and truck. Every additional bushel of capacity to each tank was considered to ensure the splits were right, allowing more time for seeding.”

Hough says this allows producers, using common input rates, to seed almost 70 hectares, yet avoid the additional soil compaction and decreased flotation that comes with less than optimal tank splits on larger cart offerings.

“The John Deere solution delivers greater uptime and requires less horsepower. The C850 is able to seed a comparable number of hectares to carts nearly 100 bushels larger without carrying the added weight of unused product that can result in increased soil compaction and decreased flotation,” Hough explains.

The C850 is compatible with the 76 ft. (23.2 m) John Deere 1870 Air Hoe Drill, and 50 and 60 ft. (15.2 and 18.2 m) 1890 No-till Air Drills.

A 50 bushel mini hopper, and dual rear and single front tyres are included.

The new air cart can also be equipped with additional features that include AirPower 2; ActiveCal™, Area Remaining, Section Command and Hydraulic Wireless Conveyance.

“These options help producers finish more work in less time,” Hough says.

Calibration on the C850 is faster than ever and can be done from a robust display mounted to the cart.

For those who want to calibrate from the comfort of the tractor cab, ActiveCal allows in-field calibration while seeding.

Air-tank pressure can also be monitored from inside the tractor cab.

“The heavy-duty frame is built for years of use, and stainless steel primaries were used to reduce corrosion and wear,” Hough adds.

The single-lid per tank design of the C850 provide a generous opening for easy access and filling.

Lids are flush across the top and when opened, slide along the contour of the tank to remain out of the way while filling.

Hough says this prevents the cart’s lids from blowing closed in the wind or from blocking conveyor access to the tank opening.

“These are small details, but are important when making the most of refill time,” Hough says.

Equipped with an integrated camera wiring harness, standard C850 models come from the factory camera ready.

Factory-installed mounts and connections are located at the rear of the cart and inside each tank for seamless installation.

“The camera harness is compatible with CabCAM™ and Voyager cameras,” Hough says.

Top platform railings on the C850 can be quickly folded down to a height of 13.5 ft. (4.1 m) with the pull of a pin.

The lower platform railings can also be unpinned and removed when transferring seed from the back of a truck or when loading from a pallet and loader.

Optional Section Command can be ordered with the C850 to reduce seed and fertiliser inputs while improving even emergence and crop development.

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