Jumbo Cultivation Harrow Series 48

Murray Agricultural Equipment has set the pace in tillage with the Series 48 Jumbo Cultivation Harrow – a truly heavy duty Tine Harrow to meet the demands of today’s farming practices.

The Murray Series 48 Jumbo Cultivation Harrow meets a need for a flexible, cultivationstyle Harrow suitable for seedbed preparation and soil working in heavier soils.

It is significantly heavier than standard Stump Jump harrows.

Heavier steel components add to weight for improved penetration, greater strength and an extended working life. Greater tine layback and wide inter-rank tine spacing give the Murray Series 48 Jumbo Cultivation Harrow a superior trash handling ability.

Longer cut tines allow a greater working depth and provide a long working life.

A fully interlocking tine/frame design assists in maintaining tines in the optimum vertical working position.

The Series 48 can also be used in conjunction with heavy primary tillage implements including disc harrows, to produce the basis of a finer seedbed.

It is also useful for pasture establishment or renovation, and harrowing where extra weight and strength is required.



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