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Pacific Seeds growers dominate Millmerran Show

Lyndon Pfeffer, farm produce steward, Michael Hegarty, field sorghum competition winner, Alcheringa, Brookstead, Scott Merson, competition judge, Sam Weaver, 2017 Millmerran Show rural ambassador, Annie Fulton, 2016 Darling Downs showgirl, Connie Coverdale, 2016 Darling Downs rural ambassador, and Bill Smith, Advanta Seeds.

Growers of Advanta Seeds’ Pacific Seeds varieties dominated the Millmerran Show field crop competition, winning nine out of ten places in the field sorghum category and seven out of 13 spots in the field wheat category, including first place in both categories.

Michael Hegarty, Alcheringa, Brookstead, won the champion sorghum title for his crop of MR-Bazley which yielded 9.470 tonnes per hectare.

Second place was awarded to Brian Harris for his 9.017t/ha crop of MR-Buster grown at Glamiston, Millmerran.

A crop of MR-Taurus grown at Bungaree, Pampas, won third for Lyndon Pfeffer, with a yield of 8.090t/ha.

In the field wheat competition, Harris Family Trust, Millmerran, took out overall champion with an 8.928t/ha crop of Gregory wheat.

Millmerran operation Gilbrook Farming secured second place with a crop of Crusader wheat yielding 8.941t/ha.

Lyndon Pfeffer, Bungaree, Pampas, took third with a crop of Sunmate yielding 8.443t/ha.

Points were awarded for purity, freedom from disease, crop condition, crop evenness, freedom from weeds, and yield.

Advanta Seeds central and southern Darling Downs territory manager Bill Smith said the quality of entries was high.

“Despite the tough summer season, the grain sorghum entries were very favourable,” Mr Smith said.

“We appreciate the support of the local farmers getting their entries in, as well as the support of show stewards and judges for making the competition possible every year.

“I’m looking forward to attending the other regional shows.”

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