CommandView III Cab and carbon fibre booms available

Cab features an integrated 4600 CommandCenterTM, boom wing weight reduced more than 35%.

Producers and spraying contractors can enhance the capabilities of their new John Deere 4-Series Sprayers by adding a new lightweight carbon fibre boom and new CommandView III cab that provides all-day comfort and a customisable workspace.

“The CommandView III cab comes equipped with the John Deere 4600 CommandCenter that enables producers and spraying contractors to efficiently capture, manage and transfer data. The redesigned CommandARM features a multi-function handle to give operators additional ways to customise their work environment,” says Doug Felter, marketing manager, application equipment for John Deere. An optional heated, fully ventilated leather seat, also is available and can swivel up to 15 degrees for improved operator visibility to the area behind the sprayer.

“The new 36.6 m and 40.2 m (120 and 132 ft.) carbon fibre booms help minimise crop and soil impact. “The strong, durable and lightweight material reduces boom wing weight by more than 35 percent, and overall machine weight, minimising negative effects to the soil or crop. The booms are corrosion resistant and their simple design make them easy to clean and maintain. Using the 40.2 m (132 ft.) boom can increase spraying productivity by 8 percent compared to the 36.6 m (120 ft.) boom. That means fewer passes to finish the field,” adds Felter.

John Deere dealers will be taking orders for the new features beginning in May 2017.

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