Decision in ag precision

NSW DPI lecturer in precision agriculture, Matt Notley, demonstrates the latest generation of sophisticated farming technology at Tocal College.

A free precision agriculture field day at NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Yanco Agricultural Institute on Wednesday April 5 2017 is set to attract local farmers who are keen to reap benefits from the latest generation technology.

NSW DPI lecturer in precision agriculture at Tocal College, Matt Notley, said new equipment and data management systems offer farmers the opportunity to lift production and reduce input costs.

“Precision agriculture goes beyond guiding a tractor around the paddock with GPS – these sophisticated new systems allow farmers to use data, including soil tests, yield and weed maps, to effectively manage their farming operations,” Mr Notley said.

“The technology gives farmers the power to accurately manage fertiliser applications to suit individual paddocks by calibrating equipment to deliver the exact amount of fertiliser needed, where it’s needed.”

Leading industry specialists will deliver practical demonstrations to show:

  • Development and use of prescription maps and variable rate application systems
  • Set-up and calibration of variable rate spreader to apply lime with prescription maps
  • Drone-based NDVI surveys – interpretation and application  in the field
  • Spraying system using near infrared sensors to detect weeds and spot spray to reduce chemical use and deliver effective weed control
  • Management of spray drift, nozzle selection and sprayer setup.

Mr Notley said the focus is on farmers and advisers.

“We want to show local producers and agribusiness advisers how they can apply this new technology on-farm to improve productivity,” he said.

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