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PZJA Finfish Resource Assessment Group vacancies

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA), on behalf of the PZJA, is seeking applications for a Chairperson, three Research Members, and three Industry Members for the Finfish Resource Assessment Group (RAG).

The PZJA is responsible for managing fisheries in the Torres Strait Protected Zone. The PZJA, established under the Torres Strait Fisheries Act 1984, comprises the Australian and State (Queensland) Ministers responsible for fisheries, and the Chair of the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA).

AFMA is seeking applicants for the PZJA Finfish Resource Assessment Group for a term of up to three years for the positions listed below:

  • Chairperson (one position)
  • Scientific Members (three positions)
  • Industry Members (three positions).

About the Finfish Resource Assessment Group (FFRAG)

The main function of the FFRAG is the peer review of scientific data and information and to provide advice to the PZJA on the status of fish stocks, sub-stocks, species (target and non-target species), and the impact of fishing on the marine environment. This advice assists the PZJA in its role of regulating commercial fishing in the Torres Strait.


The Chairperson of a PJZA RAG plays a key role in ensuring effective and thorough discussion of factors affecting the performance of a particular fishery (e.g. implementation of ecological sustainable development factors, and impacts of management strategies on the fishery) and is the primary communication link between the RAG and the PZJA.

Scientific Member

The role of the scientific member is to:

  • contribute impartial scientific and/or economic expertise to RAG deliberations
  • provide advice to the RAG on the latest scientific or economic developments of relevance to the fishery.

Industry Member

The role of an industry member is to:

  • contribute knowledge and experience relevant to the particular fishery and the fishing industry generally
  • contribute fisheries expertise to achieve the best management of the fishery
  • regularly report to and liaise with other operators in the fishery on RAG activities, including the issues being dealt with and the possible solutions being considered.

Applications need to be submitted to AFMA before close of business 28 April 2017.

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