South Coast Holstein named Supreme Champion Dairy Female

Justin Walsh and Avonlea Fever Suzette.

After a detailed countback process which resulted in the need for a final adjudicator, a Holstein cow from Jaspers Brush in the NSW Shoalhaven has won the title of Supreme Champion Dairy Female at the 2017 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

But the story is not only that Avonlea Fever Suzette emerged the dairy competition’s version of Best in Show in 2017, she was the defending Supreme Champion Dairy Female from the 2016 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

To win, the five-and-a-half year old Holstein had to beat off all competition in her own classes and breed, and then be considered the best example of a cow across all dairy breeds exhibited and entered at the Show.

The dairy competition consisted of the breeds Holstein, Jersey, Guernsey, Ayrshire, Illawarra, and Brown Swiss.

When all the voting of class wins was counted across the dairy breeds, there was nothing in the standings between a Senior Champion Female Jersey from Tallygaroopna, Victoria, and the Holstein Senior Female Champion.

An adjudicator was called in and decided Avonlea Fever Suzette was the Supreme Champion Dairy Female winner for a second year running.

Owner and handler Justin Walsh says back-to-back wins is incredibly satisfying.

“It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work leading up to the Show and then competing here throughout it”, he said.

“To win Supreme Champion once is great, to win two years in a row is amazing.”

Another Holstein producer, Murribrook Holsteins from Moss Vale in the NSW Southern Highlands has finished the 2017 Sydney Royal Easter Show as the most successful dairy breeder.

The Holstein breed produces the highest milk yields of the dairy breeds found in Australia.

Each cow exhibited at the Sydney Royal Easter Show is milked daily on site and can produce upwards of 30 litres of milk each time.

It is not the first time a single animal has been a repeat winner of the Supreme Dairy Female trophy at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, the Wilson family from Tamworth and their Jersey Cow Shirlinn Icy Eve claimed the title in three consecutive years (2012, 2013, 2014).

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