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APRIL meeting in May in WA

Pork CRC Chairman Dennis Mutton addresses WA researchers and industry representatives on opportunities and ideas for innovative R&D

Pork CRC Chairman Dennis Mutton and CEO Roger Campbell met with West Australian researchers and industry representatives on Monday, May 1 2017 to workshop opportunities and ideas for innovative R&D as Pork CRC transitions to Australasian Pork Research Institute Limited (APRIL), which commenced in November 2016.

Pork CRC’s eighth and final investment round has been completed, with the board supporting 11 of 37 proposals at a total cash value of more than half a million dollars.

The next major investment round will be by APRIL in October-November 2017.

According to Dr Campbell, Pork CRC is still open for $50,000 innovation proposals, but these must be very innovative and completed before September 30, 2018.

“So, there’s plenty of time for researchers and industry to consider their R&D options and get their good ideas into us, but I stress that proposals must be potentially system changing and/or have realistic revenue generating potential,” he said.

“Those proposals which prove successful and warrant further research are likely to be supported longer term by APRIL.”

Mr Mutton said APRIL, with an annual R&D budget of up to $2 million, would focus on supporting projects, preferably with industry partners, which would have smart outcomes, including commercialisation prospects and intellectual property generation.

“APRIL will soon establish its inaugural R&D commercialisation committee and I intend to ensure it’s a strong driver capable of delivering what industry needs,” he said.

“APRIL is all about encouraging and facilitating mutually beneficial and profitable relationships between industry, service providers, and R&D institutes that will deliver serious game changing results.

“Industry hot buttons that APRIL will likely press for change include feed efficiency, feed utilisation, pig health and antibiotic resistance, and cost effective means of enhancing animal welfare.

“As Roger and I move around Australia meeting with key stakeholders, we intend to take the feedback we pick up back to APRIL’s board so that our strategic plan can be consolidated and we can get down to business from day one,” Mr Mutton explained.

APRIL currently has 16 members and its Board comprises Dennis Mutton (Independent Chair), Andrew Spencer (APL), Rob van Barneveld (Member director, SunPork), Mel Bridges (Member director, Anatara Life Sciences), Kenton Shaw (Member director, Rivalea Australia), John Pluske (Member director, Murdoch University), and Edwina Beveridge (APL).

Attendees at the WA dinner meeting were: Dennis Mutton (Pork CRC/APRIL), Roger Campbell (Pork CRC), Brendon Cant (BCA PR), Rob Wilson (Pork Innovation WA), John Pluske (Murdoch University), Jae Kim (AB Vista), Johanna Pluske (SciEcons Consulting), Emalyn Loudon (Consultant/Pork Innovation WA), Taya Clarke (Westpork), Megan Trezona (Craig Mostyn Group/Linley Valley Pork), Karen Moore (Pork Innovation WA), Diana Turpin (Portec/Pork Innovation WA), Samantha Sterndale (Murdoch University), and Ingunn Stensland (Craig Mostyn Group/Linley Valley Pork).

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