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Queensland farmers welcome continued investment in Great Artesian Basin

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) has welcomed the Federal Government announcement of $8 million in top-up funding for water infrastructure improvements in the Great Artesian Basin (GAB).

The two-year funding extension (to 2018-19) will be used to continue the delivery of important water infrastructure upgrades, by capping free flowing bores and replacing inefficient open bore drains with modern piped reticulation systems.

QFF President Stuart Armitage welcomed the commonsense funding announcement as it further delivered upon previous investments and maintained the current momentum into sustaining and improving water use within the GAB.

“The GAB underpins at least $12.8 billion in economic activity annually including irrigated agriculture, so securing a sustainable future for the Basin with more efficient water infrastructure is essential.”

“A well-managed and adequately funded GAB is in everyone’s interests. Irrigators, graizers, miners, local communities and environmentalists all benefit from a well-managed Basin.

“QFF commend the government for this continued investment in the GAB’s future, and by doing so the viability of the rural and regional Queensland communities and industries which rely on this source of water.

“It is critical that all key industry, community and government stakeholders continue to work together to realise an enduring partnership that can support this nationally significant water resource.”

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