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Regional Landcare Facilitators come together in Canberra

The 2017 Regional Landcare Facilitators Conference held in Canberra on 17 and 18 May 2017 brings together 70 Regional Landcare Facilitators and Sustainable Agriculture Facilitators from across Australia, to discuss and advance their role in continuing the development of sustainable farming practices across the nation.

Speaking at the conference, Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister, Luke Hartsuyker, said regional facilitators were a key component of the Government’s strategy to better manage natural resources and facilitate sustainable productive agriculture across Australia.

“The Regional Landcare Facilitators (RLF) network brings together landholders, industry and community leaders at the crucial local level, and acts as a conduit for government natural resource management objectives and new research and innovation to the farmer,” Minister Hartsuyker said.

“Over 80 per cent of Australian farmers are involved in Landcare. Facilitators provide an essential link to the farmers who manage more than 50 per cent of Australia’s landmass and its natural resources.

“Facilitators provide these links by building relationships, providing leadership; mentoring and training; and providing vital feedback to the Australian Government on emerging local community issues.

“The more than $1 billion investment in Landcare announced in the 2017 Budget, confirms the Government’s commitment to the program and acknowledges the role of facilitators in delivering real outcomes that have a genuine impact not only on the health of our land, but on the prospects of the nation.

“The RLF network has played a major role in helping communities, land managers and farmers to better care for their land, water and biodiversity. By encouraging and facilitating the adoption of innovative ideas and practices and best practice sustainable land management techniques, facilitators are our partners in supporting Australian farmers to remain sustainable and at the cutting edge.

“2017’s Regional Landcare Facilitators Conference focuses on tools to influence farmers, build networks and demonstrate productivity.”

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