DataGene is releasing two new tools to make it easier for dairy farmers to use herd records to make management decisions: The HerdData smartphone app and the Herd Test Dashboard report.

DataGene – the dairy industry’s new organisation to drive herd improvement – has released two new tools to make it easier for farmers to use herd records for management decisions.

The HerdData app and the Herd Test Dashboard are the first tools to be released by DataGene since it took over the roles of genetic evaluation (formerly ADHIS) and herd recording software development in 2016.

HerdData is a smartphone app that makes it easy for farmers to enter herd records from a mobile device.

DataGene CEO, Dr Matt Shaffer said the app would save farmers making notes in the paddock or dairy and then entering onto the farm computer.

“Most farmers have smartphones now so the HerdData app is a convenient way to capture information wherever you are. It also allows the farmer to view key information about individual cows that might be needed in the paddock or dairy,” Matt said.

HerdData is available for Android or Apple devices.

The Herd Test Dashboard is a new report for those dairy farmers who herd test, providing a picture of what’s happening at the herd level.

“It provides a herd level summary focussing on indicators for acidosis/ketosis, mastitis and re-calving. While some of this information has been available in individual cow reports, the Dashboard enables farmers and their vet or nutritionist to monitor trends across the herd. The Dashboard includes alerts enabling farmers to take action early, before clinical signs are observed,” he said.

The Dashboard is available free though herd test centres.

HerdData and the Herd Test Dashboard were developed by DataGene and Dairy Australia. DataGene is an initiative of Dairy Australia and the herd improvement industry.

Source: DataGene

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