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NSW Government gets behind new invasive species research centre

The NSW Government announced it will continue its involvement in collaborative invasive species research and innovation under the new Centre for Invasive Species Solutions, the successor to the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre (IA CRC).

Over the past decade, the IA CRC’s national research collaboration has delivered on its mandate in getting new products and tools on farm, and enhancing knowledge in the sector through research excellence. This has included the first new complementary feral predator toxin in 50 years being available, and a new strain of rabbit calicivirus released nationally with community involvement at over 550 sites around Australia.

In its response to the Natural Resource Commission (NRC) review of pest animal management, the NSW Government has affirmed that it will continue to fully support a national approach to enhancing research opportunities and outcomes, understanding the leverage that can occur from collaborative research.

The cost of pest animals alone to the Australian economy is estimated at more than $1 billion annually, mostly through impacts to agriculture, and in NSW alone, pest animals have been found to cause $170 million in damages, annually.

Andreas Glanznig, IA CRC CEO has welcomed the support of the NSW Government in collaborating with the new invasive species research centre.

“It is fantastic to see open support from the NSW Government for a national and collaborative approach to invasive species research and innovation, and we look forward to welcoming them to the new centre,” Mr Glanznig said.

The NSW Government also supports a national approach to expanding the PestSmart and FeralScan web portals, which are two of the Invasive Animals CRC community engagement digital resources.

Through their co-investment in the sector, the NSW Government also hopes to build on the research to develop early detection and foresight capability, and understands the new Centre for Invasive Species Solutions is likely to have a strong focus on detection and prevention strategies.

You can read the full NSW Government response to the NRC review of pest animal management here.

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