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New industry partnership for Queensland

Ms Rose and Mr Burke. Image supplied by AgForce

The Queensland Renewable Fuels Association Inc (QRFA), have signed a partnership agreement with AgForce.

Both industry associations have come together to build a partnership platform that will align key events in rural and regional Queensland, whilst broadening the dialogue of renewable fuels and the agriculture sector.

Charles Burke, CEO of AgForce, said renewable fuels provided an economic opportunity for Queensland grain growers by giving growers more options when selling their products.

“The growth of renewable fuels could open up a new market for sorghum and mean growers don’t have to rely solely on traditional domestic and export markets,” he said.

“The formation of this partnership is timely given the announcement of a $26 million expansion of the Dalby ethanol bio refinery, boosting production capacity by 24 million litres to 100 million litres a year.”

AgForce have aligned with QRFA to ensure agriculture and the renewable fuels industry work together in the vision forward for building stronger, more diversified opportunities in Queensland agriculture.

QRFA Managing Director, Larissa Rose said, “It is pivotal that QRFA work alongside all parts of the value chain that interface in the renewable fuels industry.

“We value the importance of our partnership agreement with AgForce and look forward to building a long-term industry alignment with them to support both agriculture, ag-waste solutions and feedstock production.”

Throughout the partnership QRFA and Agforce will work together to support growth in the agricultural sector through education and interfacing potential new markets from renewable fuels.

“QRFA are very keen to work alongside fellow industry representatives to build a strong partnership, be a united voice and network to deliver key outcomes for both industries,” said Ms Rose.

AgForce and QRFA both formed this strategic partnership to share information, increase advocacy power and to promote the contribution and value to their members, to government and to other key industry stakeholders.

Source: AgForce

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