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Banana freckle restrictions lifted

NT Minister for Primary Industry and Resources Ken Vowles has officially lifted banana permits and zone movement restrictions in the NT.

This decision allows all Territorians to return to growing banana plants.

Mr Vowles said from 4 July 2017, Territorians would not require a permit to purchase, grow, move or sell banana plants within the NT. The red zones (quarantine zone) have also been abolished.

“I would like to thank growers, sellers and the community for their support and help throughout the program,” he said.

“Lifting permit regulations is a vote of confidence in the work Territorians have done to help eradicate banana freckle over almost four years.

“The Northern Territory is now in the Proof of Freedom phase, and surveillance of banana plants will continue as a normal part of this process.

“We ask for Territorians to maintain good biosecurity practices and urge people to continue to check their banana plants for any signs of banana freckle or other pests or diseases report any suspicion of disease to 1800 771 163.”

Mr Vowles said Territorians should be proud of what had been achieved so far as part one of the largest plant pest eradication ever attempted in Australia.

It will remain prohibited to move banana plants and fruit into or out of the Northern Territory without a permit.

Source: NT Government

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