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Happy as clams – best scallop season in 15 years!

The Bass Strait Central Zone Scallop Fishery season starts on 11 July 2017, and with potentially the best season in more than 15 years on its way, you too will be as happy as a clam tucking into a feast of scallops from this fishery.

After an ex-shell-ent season in 2016, 2017 is set to be another pearler with an initial total catch limit set at 3000 tonnes for the second consecutive season.

Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) CEO, Dr James Findlay said that while the puns may be ‘roeful’, this is great news for seafood lovers.

“Thanks to the support of industry to close areas to allow scallops to spawn and conduct scallop stock surveys, we’ve seen this fishery go from strength to strength,” Dr Findlay said.

“This is great news for lovers of tender, succulent, juicy Bass Strait scallops.

“Each year surveys are done to ensure that the stock can be harvested at sustainable levels.

“These surveys support the science-based decision making that the independent AFMA Commission uses when setting catch limits each season.

“The latest available science, combined with strict management and monitoring, helps to ensure that both current and future generations can enjoy these mouth‑watering, taste-bud pleasing joys.”

Bass Strait scallops are caught commercially in the Bass Strait between Tasmania and Victoria.

Source: Australian Government

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