Orange’s Utility Pump range

Orange Pumps is pumping up the volume.

Orange Pumps has developed a unique range of engine driven pumps for firefighting and other water transfer applications. This has been accomplished by combining and refining a range of high pressure, high volume and excellent self-priming technologies to create the ultimate pump for both firefighting and water transfer.

Integral to the design of the pump is the torque tuned impeller which maximises the engines horse power, effectively enabling more pressure to be delivered with every revolution of the shaft.

The impeller is constructed from a single piece of cast aluminium which is far stronger and more reliable than impellers that are glued, bolted or riveted together.

Each impeller has been balanced and tested to reduce wear and tear on the engine bearings caused by shaft movement from nonconcentric forces. Worried you may have issues with small debris finding its way into the impeller? No worries, the Utility Pumps range features a self-clearing, wide vane for small solids, ensuring that you will not get any unwanted jams, that will stop you from fighting the fire.

Quick self-priming is critical for firefighting applications. Orange’s Utility Pump range use a single impeller which out performs twin impeller units, when priming. The Utility Pumps range can prime in under 1 minute, even with a three and a half metre vertical lift; that’s five times quicker than the industry average.

Orange’s Utility Pump range is unique in the market, as it can deliver up to 120 metres of pressure from a single impeller.

However, pressure is only really useful when it is also delivering volume, and Orange’s Utility Pump range guarantees you high pressure while also delivering volume. The wide vanes on the impeller allow large volumes of water to pass through. This means that they can produce up to 550 litres per minute or around 250 litres per minute at an operating pressure of 60 metres.

To learn more about preparing your property for the fire season and further information on reliable products that will ensure that you can rely on your firefighting plan visit: or call 03 9426 3400.

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