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Eye of the tiger… prawn

While Rocky Balboa caused many to have the catchy tune ‘Eye of the tiger’ stuck in their heads, another type of tiger will soon be the winner as the 2017 tiger prawn season kicks off.

Caught in Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF), tiger prawns can be enjoyed in countless ways all year round, with favourites including roasted tiger prawns in garlic butter, spaghetti with prawns, rocket and sundried tomatoes, and cajun inspired tiger prawn jambalaya. With this many options there will be no need for you to ‘hang tough and stay hungry’.

Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) CEO, Dr James Findlay said that if you are hooking into wild caught prawns from the Commonwealth’s NPF, not only will your tastebuds be onto a winner but you can be assured that the product you are eating is from a well-managed, sustainable fishery.

“Industry, led by the Northern Prawn Fishery Pty Ltd, working together with scientists and AFMA, has been a champion for improving bycatch management over the last two decades,” Dr Findlay said.

“Through continuously looking to the latest in innovation and science, fishing operations have significantly improved – which is great news!

“Moreover, with strict, science based management from AFMA, lovers of the fleshy, juicy tiger prawn, and you too, will be ‘chuffed’ with the healthy stock from this fishery soon appearing in local supermarkets and seafood retailers. (NB: ‘chuffing’ is a friendly noise made by a tiger.)

“Furthermore, the NPF is also undergoing recertification for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which is testament to the commitment of industry to help maintain sustainability in this fishery.”

The Northern Prawn Fishery is located off Australia’s northern coast from Cape York in Queensland to Cape Londonderry in Western Australia. Its major landing ports are Cairns, Darwin, and Karumba.

Source: AFMA

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