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New biodiversity laws commence in NSW

With the NSW Government’s biodiversity reforms commencing, NSW Farmers’ Association says it’s pivotal the new system delivers what has been promised: Workable land management reform.

The new laws that have taken effect are the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and the Local Land Services Amendment Act 2016.

NSW Farmers’ Conservation and Resource Management Committee Chair, Mitchell Clapham, says farmers have been campaigning for two decades for the right to flexible land management that recognises their environmental work.

“Farmers have been fighting for more flexible land management laws that would result in improved farm productivity and environmental outcomes for more than 20 years.

“When a review of native vegetation legislation was carried out, an expert panel concluded biodiversity was going backwards in NSW, something farmers have known for years.

“We’re disappointed all 43 recommendations put forward by the independent panel haven’t been implemented into the new system but this is just the beginning and we will closely monitor how the reform is implemented on farms across the state.

“We knew Government’s draft mapping was highly inaccurate and so we’re pleased to see Government committing to not enacting it until stakeholders, including NSW Farmers are satisfied of their accuracy. We believe that regional mapping built from the ground up involving local land managers, is the only way to properly map what’s out there.

“We’re encouraging farmers to become engaged in the process and learn more about how the new land management system affects them.

“The NSW agricultural industry deserves to thrive in the global market. Farmers’ livelihoods depend on it,” Mr Clapham concluded.

Source: NSW Farmers

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