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The return on investment in on-farm storage will vary for every grower. Photo: Chris Warrick, Primary Business.

Successful on-farm storage starts with a planned, strategic mindset.

This enables growers to set up a flexible system that will suit their plans across variable years and crops, and enable them to manage quality and avoid problems.

Consultant Chris Warrick who heads up the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) Grain Storage Extension Project, said a component of storing grain successfully was knowledge of best-practice management to avoid costly quality issues.

“GRDC’s national Grain Storage GrowNotes™ is a new and comprehensive digital resource that aims to provide relevant information, links to other resources and contacts to enable a base understanding of how to manage on-farm storage successfully,” he said.

Mr Warrick said on-farm grain storage had become a significant component of many Australian cropping operations and growers who managed their storage facilities and operations well were being rewarded through preferred-supplier partnerships with key grain traders.

“However, on-farm storage systems are a significant investment to set up and manage,” he said.

“Any potential return on investment in on-farm storage should be compared with other investment options, such as buying more land or upgrading machinery, to determine the best use of capital.

“The return on investment in on-farm storage varies for every grower depending on their scale, crops grown, access to bulk handlers and distance from domestic markets.”

Mr Warrick said successful on-farm storage management included an integrated pest management (IPM) approach and proactive attitude to quality control.

“This will help growers avoid adding to the increasing challenge and scale of phosphine-resistant pests,” he said.

“Ultimately our aim is to save growers and industry a significant amount of money by prolonging the life of the most cost-effective pest disinfectant available – phosphine.”

Grain Storage GrowNotes™ includes detailed advice on grain storage planning and purchasing; economics; safety; insect pest identification, management and prevention; and high moisture grain management.

Grain storage information, including Grain Storage GrowNotes™, is also available on the GRDC Stored Grain Information Hub.

Growers who wish to contact their regional grain storage expert can call 1800 WEEVIL (1800 933 845).

Source: GRDC

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