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No further fire ants found at Lowood

Biosecurity Queensland has completed its surveillance for red imported fire ants in Lowood, following a detection in August 2017.

Biosecurity Queensland’s National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program Director, Geoff Kent said surveillance out to 1km from the infestation had been completed and no further fire ant nests had been found.

“Biosecurity Queensland will return to the area in the near future to conduct a final round of surveillance to ensure all treated fire ants were destroyed,” Mr Kent said.

“Program officers undertook a range of community engagement activities, targeting more than 3,400 residents in Lowood and surrounding areas.

“The program thanks residents and business operators in Lowood and surrounding areas for their assistance during the surveillance activities.

“We encourage the community to remain vigilant by continuing to check their properties and report suspect fire ants and nests to Biosecurity Queensland.”

Mr Kent said genetic testing was undertaken and determined the fire ants were related to the existing Brisbane based population.

“The 10 nests found on the Lowood property were destroyed by direct nest injection with insecticide,” he said.

“Officers also bait treated the immediate area.”

Fire ants vary in size, between 2–6 millimetres, are coppery-brown with a dark abdomen, inflict a painful sting and are aggressive.

Fire ant nests are mounds of loose soil with no entry or exit holes.

Fire ants have the potential to devastate our state’s economy, environment and our way of life.

For more information on fire ants or to report suspect fire ants visit the QLD DAF website or call 13 25 23.

Source: QLD DAF

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