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Helping communities recover from cyclone and floods​

Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister, Luke Hartsuyker, and Member for Flynn, Ken O’Dowd, visited two properties in the Fitzroy Basin to see how Landcare is assisting properties recover from cyclones and flooding.​

Minister Hartsuyker said the Australian Government was committed to supporting land managers and farmers to sustainably manage the nation’s precious soils, water, vegetation and biodiversity through the National Landcare Program.

“Applying well-researched and innovative land and water management tools and techniques on the ground and harnessing local knowledge is delivering practical and tangible environmental and financial benefits to communities and farm businesses,” Minister Hartsuyker said.

“That is why we invested more than $1 billion in Landcare through the 2017 Budget.

“The Foxwell Farms and Edithvale/Oakleaf projects we visited epitomise what Landcare is all about—learning from lessons of the past, sharing information and preparing properties for the challenges of the future.

“The owners of cotton farm, Foxwell Farms, near Rockhampton, have demonstrated resilience in the face of a number of cyclones and are using land management techniques such as contour-banks to reduce soil erosion and retain soil nutrients,” said Minister Hartsuyker.

Mr O’Dowd, said these projects were a win-win for property owners and demonstrated what can be done to reduce the environmental impacts of floods and cyclones.

“Glen and Nikki Kelly’s fifth generation grazing property at Kalapa is a good example of what can be achieved when passionate land managers embrace Landcare.

“They have worked hard to complete reef rescue and flood recovery projects including riparian and fencing according to land type which have proved very successful, with even CSIRO Scientists visiting the property to see the results,” said Mr O’Dowd.

Source: Australian Government

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