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Announcement welcomed

The Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia (RGA) has welcomed the announcement from the MDBA that supply measure projects and rules changes will generate environmental outcomes equivalent to 605GL.

“When the Basin Plan was legislated it was agreed that each state would bring forward projects that would achieve environmental outcomes without the need to recover up to 650 GL of water and this announcement follows the MDBA’s evaluation of these projects,” RGA President Jeremy Morton said.

While this announcement is an important milestone in the implementation of the Basin Plan it is just the beginning for these projects. The challenge is for the projects to be delivered in a way that truly applies the triple bottom line principle on which the Plan is supposedly built.

“RGA will not accept adverse social and economic impacts from these projects and look forward to working with the NSW and Federal Governments and the MDBA to ensure projects maximise environmental outcomes with no social and economic impact,” Mr. Morton said.

RGA calls on all members of the Federal Parliament to allow this recommended adjustment to the sustainable diversion limit to occur.

“The continuation of bipartisanship on the Basin Plan will ensure that some balance is achieved in what has been a significant reform with considerable negative impact for Basin communities,” Mr. Morton concluded.

Source: RGA

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