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Applications now open for Torres Strait fish receiver licences

Torres Strait fishing boats. Image courtesy of AFMA

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is calling for applications for Torres Strait fish receiver licences.

As part of the new Fish Receiver System (FRS) all commercial fishers in the Torres Strait must land their catch to a licenced fish receiver, who in turn can only receive seafood from licenced commercial fishers.

The fish receiver licences mandatory from 1 December 2017 will be provided free of charge for any person or business receiving seafood from licenced commercial fishers in the Torres Strait, excluding those from the Torres Strait Prawn Fishery.

AFMA’s Torres Strait Manager, Selina Stoute said that as part of the fish receiver system, licenced fish receivers will now be required to record the species and weight of each catch in a Catch Disposal Record (TDB02) and submit it to AFMA within three days of receiving the product.

“AFMA is introducing the mandatory FRS to help ensure catches don’t exceed the total allowable catch or quota amounts for individual species,” Ms Stoute said.

“Receiving timely and accurate catch data will greatly assist with the management of the Torres Strait fisheries, particularly in keeping those fisheries sustainable and available for future generations.

“Individuals or businesses intending to receive commercially caught fish have to apply for a fish receiver’s licence and there are no plans at this point to limit the number of licences.”

Source: AFMA

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