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True Aussie Christmas with plenty of prawns

Despite several prawn farms at Logan temporarily closed, plenty of fresh Aussie farmed tiger prawns will still be available.

“Historically, none of the farms impacted by white spot are a part of the Christmas market” Australian Prawn Farmers Association President Matt West said.

“I see media coverage from Queensland Seafood Marketers Association regarding wild catch and imported prawns, but from an Australian prawn farm perspective Christmas is looking great!” he stated.

“There is a higher volume in 2017 of beautiful fresh farmed tiger prawns and the quality is looking fantastic” Mr West advised.

It is strongly suspected that imported prawns carrying the white spot disease was inadvertently released in to the Logan river.

“As a result of white spot, the Logan farms unselfishly and voluntarily shut down for a fallowing period to drive the disease out of the country” he stated, “and credit must be given to the Logan farmers for taking such a strong stance against the disease.”

“But as those farms traditionally did not impact the Christmas market, it is still going to be a great Christmas with plenty of Australian farmed tiger prawns for seafood lovers.”

Source: Australian Prawn Farmers Association

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