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Diners left in the dark

Research commissioned by Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) has confirmed what we all know to be true.  There’s little point asking the staff at mid-level food service establishments where the fish on the menu comes from – they don’t know.

“Australian consumers want to know where their fish comes from when they dine out or grab takeaway.  More than 80,000 people signed a petition to that effect when Matthew Evans raised the issue a few years ago, Nick Xenophon tried to get legislation through, many other Australian politicians, including current Ministers, acknowledged community desire for this information in debates around Country of Origin Labelling and we get told it all the time through social media,” Jane Lovell CEO of SIA said.

“We’ve also been told that there is no need for government intervention as all you have to do is “ask the waiter” and they can tell you where the seafood comes from.  So we did.”

“67% of staff we surveyed couldn’t answer the question.  That’s got to be market failure.”

“We have just busted another myth peddled by those who don’t want transparency for consumers.”

“This is a David and Goliath battle.  All the Australian seafood industry wants is for the truth to be clearly communicated to consumers.  It happens in retail, what’s the difference when it comes to purchasing seafood for immediate consumption?”

“We provide over a billion meals for Australian families every year but sadly much of that effort goes unrecognised.  Put it on the menu so we can all seek out and celebrate Australian seafood.  Because now we know you can’t reliably find out by asking the staff at the pub, club or café.”

Source: SIA



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