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Support for the next generation of grain leaders

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The Australian grains industry is set to benefit from the Government’s $5 million Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund.

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Anne Ruston, said Grain Producers Australia Limited would receive $270,000 from the fund to boost leadership capacity and support the development of industry leaders into the future.

“The Government believes in and supports agriculture as one of the powerhouses driving the Australian economy and is investing in the next generation of leaders in the grains industry to help drive the industry forward,” Minister Ruston said.

“This funding will help develop and expand leadership capacity and expertise across the grains industry nationally, ensuring there are strategies and leaders to drive the industry to meet its future goals.

“Through the Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund, Grain Producers Australia will receive support to develop a leadership development strategy and deliver a targeted training program for up to 32 emerging leaders.

“This is an important investment in future leaders and will ensure ongoing support for farmers that produced over $18 billion worth of grain crops in 2016-17 (including cereals, pulses and oilseeds), and over $14.5 billion worth of exports.

“The Government recognises that leadership is critical to agriculture remaining one of the pillars of our national economy.

“This funding will have a lasting impact on the grains industry—supporting the current and next generation of leaders to champion their industry’s priorities and provide robust oversight of research and development initiatives to growers and industry.”

Source: Australian Government

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