New Mustang wheat puts some muscle in the paddock

Pacific Seeds wheat manager Neil Comben says new release Mustang will bring quick maturity APH classification and high yield to the portfolio

Pacific Seeds has put some muscle in the paddock with the release of its new wheat variety LRPB Mustang.

The variety was bred by LongReach Plant Breeders to exhibit high yield, quick maturity for main season planting and an Australian Prime Hard (APH) classification in Queensland and NSW.

Pacific Seeds wheat business manager Neil Comben said Mustang has consistently out-yielded the most widely grown quicker maturity APH varieties in LRPB trials.

“In trials from 2012 to 2017, Mustang showed a yield improvement of 3 per cent over Suntop, 5pc over EGA Gregory and 10pc over Spitfire,” Mr Comben said.

“As you would expect with a quicker maturity wheat, the highest yield improvement was in the under 4t/ha trial groupings.”

Mr Comben said Mustang has also been compared to the other quick maturity Northern Region varieties in National Variety Trials over the last two years.

“The data clearly shows that Mustang delivers a step up in yield and provides growers with a later sowing option that can match the best of the mid-season varieties like Reliant.”

He said the new addition strengthened the company’s APH portfolio for the northern region.

“We know there is no such thing as an average year and there are many factors that can influence the timing of the planting operation.

“The Pacific Seeds range of APH wheats for Queensland and NSW have been bred to encompass the full range of maturities to give growers choice in their program while still providing the quality and agronomic package needed for success.

“Whether growers are looking for early or late planting options, reliability in tough conditions or exceptional protein accumulation, we have a wheat variety that will meet the industry’s needs.

Mr Comben said Mustang also has an outstanding shorter canopy to make on farm management and stubble handling easier, has excellent major gene Stripe rust resistance (RMR), and has coped well with Crown Rot (MSS) and RLN (MTMI) in tough seasons in the north.

Mustang is available for purchase and sowing in the 2018 season from select seed associates and rural retailers.

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