Angus set for some records at bull sale

Witherswood Kingdom M0332. Image courtesy of Witherswood Angus

Witherswood Angus, based in Taminick (via Glenrowan) in the Warby Ranges, Victoria and home to Australia’s most expensive Angus bull is expecting a big crowd to attend their bull sale on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at 1.00pm on site.

Witherswood’s Beef Day in February 2018 attracted over 200 people to see what will be on offer at the sale. If the Beef Day numbers are any indication of sale day attendance, the scene is set for an explosive sale day.

Witherswood Angus as part of a consortium is the owner of the Millah Murrah Kingdom K35, purchased for $150,000 in September 2015. This sale set a record price in Australia for an Angus bull.

Also purchased at the same auction by the Witherswood consortium was Millah Murrah Klooney K42 for $80,000, the fifth highest ever recorded for an Australian Angus bull at the time.

The upcoming sale will include 12 sons of Kingdom and 14 sons of Klooney. These sons of the prized bulls will all feature some of the premium characteristics that saw the sires reach such high prices.

The pick of the bunch is Lot 25, Witherswood Kingdom M0332, who is a “chip off the old block” when you compare how he looks to Kingdom K35. It is a very compelling message regarding Kingdom’s ability to transmit his superb structure and phenotype.

Recent bull auctions around the country have been pulling high prices for quality Angus bulls, and at the recent 2017 Millah Murrah Sale, Klooney progeny were the dominant sire group, with nine yearling bulls by Klooney selling at an average of $20,222 and a top price of an impressive $50,000.

In commenting on the sale, John Woodruff, founder and owner of Witherswood Angus, said:

“Kingdom has been in use at Witherswood for three joining seasons, and his body length, width, depth, sound structure, and docile nature makes him a favourite with all visitors.

“Kingdom and Klooney are developing into industry leading sires, and this sale presents a great opportunity to buy into the Witherswood method of success, and purchase a son of Kingdom or Klooney, or from one of our other quality bulls.”

The onsite property bull sale will see Witherswood offer 72 prized bulls, ranging from around 18-20 months old.

In commenting on the 20th March 2018 onsite sale, Ian Peake, Stud Manager at Witherswood, said:

“Sires represented in 2018’s draft include Millah Murrah Kingdom, Ascot Hallmark and Millah Murrah Jackpot who are the power bulls with extra growth and should produce great replacement females.

“Millah Murrah Klooney, MAR Innovation, EF Compliment, Matauri Reality and Braveheart of Stern are also represented, and are more moderately framed with extra thickness.”

The sale will be held on Tuesday, 20th March 2018, at 1pm at the Witherswood farm, 1185 Glenrowan Boweya Road, Taminick via Glenrowan.

Source: Witherswood Angus

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