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Keeping the Lake Eyre Basin in good health

One of the outback’s greatest water resources will be put under the microscope with management of the Lake Eyre Basin going out for public consultation.

The enormous underground Basin covers three states and the NT.

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud said the Lake Eyre Basin Intergovernmental Agreement was set up to make sure water use in one state didn’t have severe consequences over the border.

“Everybody needs good neighbours and this Agreement is all about making sure neighbouring states can get along,” Mr Littleproud said.

“I want to make sure the agreement encourages the states and the NT to work together when they put plans in place to use the water.

“The Lake Eyre Basin is one of the last dryland water systems in the world, securing its future is important.

“The Intergovernmental Agreement was set up by the Australian, Queensland, South Australian and Northern Territory governments to make sure water use by one state didn’t hurt its neighbours.

“The Agreement is reviewed every ten years to make sure it’s achieving its objectives.

“I would welcome the NSW Government also joining this important and long-standing agreement.

“Independent consultant Noetic will undertake the review.

“Australians can have their say on how water has been managed in the Basin and what can be done better. This is important to make sure the Agreement is fit for the Basin’s future.

“I’m encouraging anyone interested in the health of the Lake Eyre Basin to get involved an point out any on-ground issues.”

Source: Australian Government

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