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Improving chemical solutions for pest and weed problems

Aussie farmers struggling to keep on top of pests and weeds will have access to a wider range of chemicals thanks to a $1.78 million Government investment.

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud said the third round of the Agvet Chemicals Grants Program would deliver 26 grants to address a range of priority uses.

“We need to give farmers the tools to stay ahead of the game and do what they do best, farm,” Minister Littleproud said.

“This round will unlock access to a range of chemicals which include applications for fodder beets in the dairy industry, mushrooms, green tea, quinoa and papaya.

“These include Targo to manage mites in cocoa crops, Sero-X to manage mirids in lucerne crops, Vivado to manage cobwebs in mushrooms and Amistar to manage leaf blight in sweet corn.

“It is important that we continue to provide our farmers with access to the safe and reliable chemicals they need to feed and clothe Australia.

“Sometimes the cost involved in bringing an agvet chemical to market is uncommercial—and this can mean Australian farmers may not get access to all the chemicals farmers have overseas.

“That’s where these merit-based grants come in.

“The previous two rounds of the program awarded 100 grants to RDC applicants totalling

$4.11 million, and have already resulted in improved chemical access.

“This includes an effective treatment of annual rye grass in chickpeas, lupins and peas, a fungicide to prevent root rot in tomatoes and a growth regulator for use in our mango industry.”

Source: Australian Government

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