Barry Croker returns as Advanta Seeds managing director

Barry Croker

Agricultural seed market leader Advanta Seeds has appointed Barry Croker as its new managing director, effective May 1st 2018.

Mr Croker returns to the position today, 1 May 2018, following a five-year stint as the global head of supply chain management with the international company.

Retiring Advanta Seeds managing director Nick Gardner said Barry brings the right balance of commercial focus, innovative thinking, strategic intelligence and leadership to keep its people at the forefront within the agricultural industry.

“Advanta Seeds is committed to being a leader in driving sustained growth through world-class plant genetics and value adding within the agricultural and food industries,” said Mr Gardner.

Mr Croker brings to the role nearly 25 years of firsthand experience working for Advanta Seeds both domestically and internationally.

Mr Croker said looking outside traditional business and business models for opportunities will be the key to growth.

“The agricultural economy is changing and consolidating, which will require different skill sets and different mindsets in order to flourish. We intend to be a driver of change, not a passenger. Our proven track record of investing in our people, facilities and technology to constantly improve product standards demonstrates this,” said Mr Croker.

“Our response to the rapidly changing landscape will be built around innovation, delivering more efficient and effective solutions, engagement of our people and our global network.

“The company has changed a lot in the past five years. In many ways it is like walking into a new business, but I’m looking forward to the learning curve and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.”

Current managing director Nick Gardner will move into a global projects manager role, working across a range of projects until his official retirement in December this year (2018).

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