Nyrex Chaser Bin from Trufab

The new Trufab (Grain King) Nyrex Chaser Bin. Image courtesy of Trufab

Australian agricultural machinery manufacturer Trufab Global (Grain King), has been announced as a runner up in the world’s most prestigious steel manufacturing awards.

Trufab’s (Grain King), innovative Nyrex Chaser Bin was second to Italian company Mantella’s Stratosphere 3.0 rear tipping semi-trailer at the Swedish Steel Prize for 2018 announced at a ceremony in Stockholm on May 24 2018.

CEO of Trufab (Grain King), Colin Jorgensen, who attended the awards said the Nyrex Chaser Bin was being marketed to farmers around Australia as a ground-breaking piece of equipment that was allowing them to harvest grain more efficiently.

Judges said the bin utilised high-strength steel that challenged traditional design by using modern materials to create the highest levels of performance.

Trufab (Grain King) was recognised for the reduction in weight through the use of Strenx performance steel which made the Nyrex bins stronger, lighter, safer and longer lasting.

The new Nyrex Chaser bins feature a modular design using almost no welding.

The light and extremely durable Strenx steel allows the bins to be made in a range of sizes and are being introduced to Australian grain farms, reducing grain discharge times, energy use and minimising soil compaction.

The Nyrex Chaser bins use a Strenx product that is 25 per cent lighter than steel plate and provides a longer life than conventional bins.

Its assembly process uses laser technology in a bolted construction that avoids any distortion and rippling of the steel plate from welding, creating savings in time and energy.

The modular construction also helps reduce freight costs enabling the Nyrex Chaser bin to gain an international audience.

Mr Jorgensen said the company was delighted to be recognised as a world innovator.

“The Swedish Steel Awards are incredibly prestigious and being recognised by them is a real honour,” he said.

While the West Australian family run business was established in 1962 working with structural steel, over the years Trufab (Grain King) had evolved into a business focused on grain handling equipment.

“Our use of cutting edge technology, high quality materials and skilled labour means we are providing customers with innovative and intelligent solutions to increase their productivity and efficiency,” Mr Jorgensen said.

Two other runners up were a truck-mounted sky-lift from Italy and a cutter for clearing roadside vegetation from Finland.

Source: Trufab

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