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Revolutionary new farming alarm system to be unveiled at PIX Conference

2018’s Poultry Information Exchange (PIX) Conference will be held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre from Sunday 3 to Tuesday 5 June 2018 – and as part of the conference, specialised rural insurer Achmea Australia is bringing Senior Risk Specialist Wim Niessen over from the Netherlands to present.

A Senior Risk Specialist based in the Netherlands, Mr Niessen has more than 15 years experience in the farm insurance industry and is an expert in educating farmers on how to minimise risks in intensive farming systems. For the past four years, Mr Niessen has been sharing Achmea’s extensive knowledge of farming best practice and delivering innovative risk mitigation solutions designed to help farmers thrive.

During the conference, he’ll be revealing details of a brand-new system called the AgroAlarm, developed by Achmea in the Netherlands to help farmers avoid major losses from the climate control system, particularly in the intensive farming industry.

As Mr Niessen explains, the new alarm system is designed to deliver peace of mind to farmers susceptible to intensive farming production risks:

“It’s of vital importance to have a proper alarm system in place, so that a farmer or farm manager is informed of any equipment breakdown or deviation – for instance, a sudden increase in temperature. For this reason, Achmea has been involved in the development of a new system called the AgroAlarm, which is a satellite-connected system with a GPRS back up system. It’s a 24/7 monitoring service that ensures farmers will be immediately informed via SMS, app and mobile if there’s a problem on the farm.”

With farms facing potentially catastrophic threats from events like fire or climate-control failures, farmers are increasingly looking for new ways to protect their livestock and their livelihoods – and because GSM networks and the internet are often not reliable enough for critical business processes like the control of climate in poultry sheds, the AgroAlarm is already being heralded as the most effective farming alarm system around.

Running via satellite, the system offers 99.97% connection availability (much higher than traditional internet or GSM) and is supported by round-the-clock monitoring by an emergency response centre. The system, which includes a satellite antenna, modem and alarm-dialer is installed by a specialist technician and is projected to run for as little as $3 per day – and while it’s not yet available in Australia, Mr Niessen explains how this could soon change.

“Soon we’ll begin a pilot on a broiler farm in NSW to test the AgroAlarm in Australia. If the pilot is successful, the alarm will then be more broadly available,” says Mr Niessen.

However, the AgroAlarm is just one example of how Achmea Australia is working to support farmers and protect and enhance Australia’s agricultural communities:

“We’re all about working closely with farmers to offer the services we believe will make poultry farming safer and more sustainable for the future. This new system fits perfectly with our philosophy to help farmers manage risk and not just insure against it, and we’re proud to be involved with a new technology that protects farms and delivers great peace of mind,” says Mr Niessen.

Wim Niessen will be appearing at 2018’s PIX Conference where he will present the AgroAlarm. Achmea Australia encourages attendees to come along to their stand (108/109) and learn more about this revolutionary new system.

Presentation times:

  • Sunday June 3rd at 3.00pm
  • Monday June 4th at 10.40am & 3.20pm
  • Tuesday June 6th at 10.40am & 1.10pm

Source: AgroAlarm

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