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Pastoral lands reform – Encouraging investment and ecological sustainability

WA Regional Development and Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan outlined the WA Government’s agenda to pursue pastoral lands reform.

Ms MacTiernan spoke to nearly 70 people, including pastoralists from 42 stations from across the pastoral region of Western Australia, as well as stakeholders representing pastoral industry bodies. The Minister’s pastoral lands reform update was held at the Carnarvon Yacht Club.

Ms MacTiernan told pastoralists the Government was examining several strategies to optimise the potential of the pastoral estate, while protecting its natural resource assets.

These included a range of legislative, regulatory and compliance measures to ensure ecological sustainability in the rangelands, while providing pastoral lessees with greater security of tenure.

Changes to enable existing diversification permits to be transferred with a pastoral lease are also being considered to encourage investment.

Other key areas being examined include land condition monitoring and an improved compliance regime.

Source: WA Government

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