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Farmer panel to give insight into future for south-east South Australia

A panel of south-east South Australian farmers will give an insight into their operations and how their future might shape up at a conference in Millicent.

The four farmers, Travis Telford, Richie Kirkland, Kingsley Breeding and Tom Ellis Jnr, will outline their operations and what they hope to achieve in the future at the Grassland Society of Southern Australia annual conference on July 18-19 2018.

The panel will be moderated by Mount Gambier based farm management consultant and one of the owners of Gambier Seeds Rick Jordan.

Mr Jordan said the session would follow the conference theme `Past + Future = Pasture’.

“The farmers will provide real-time examples of movement from the past to the present and explain where they see themselves in the short to medium term future,” Mr Jordan said.

The farmers have been chosen as leading examples of producers adopting and implementing new systems.

Mr Jordan said there was a lot of new tools and information people can use if they wish.

“You hop into a tractor today and it’s more like getting into the cockpit of an aircraft than tractors of years gone by,” he said. “They’re shifted a long way in 20 years and it’s the same with forages and pastures.”

“If you engage some of the pasture species and forage crops of today, you need to understand what they require and deliver that to them. It’s not about how technical a system needs to be, but we need to recognise that change has occurred and there are more tools available today to optimise performance within your individual systems.”

The panel of farmers come from a range of enterprises and farming systems. Each speaker will be asked about changes in the forage and pasture systems used on their farming operations, what “tools” they use to optimise performance, what lessons have they learnt along the way and what changes they see themselves making in the future.

The 59th GSSA annual conference has adopted the theme `Past + Future = Pasture’ and will give farmers an insight into how new technologies and business management structures can improve their farming outcomes.

Event organiser and president of the Limestone Coast Grassland Society branch, Meg Bell, said more than 200 people were expected to attend the conference at the Millicent Civic and Arts centre.

Source: GSSA

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