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New season Delite Mandarins are here!

2018’s Delite Mandarins are now being harvested, and they’ll be available in Woolworths stores.

And we’ve got a whole new range of Delite Mandarin Recipes for you…with some great ideas on how to add the enjoyment of Delite Mandarins to each meal.

The new season Delite Mandarins are sweeter, tastier and prettier than ever, because of favourable growing conditions in the Sunraysia.

Growers say the longer, warmer Summer weather in the Sunraysia has resulted in sweeter and tastier fruit. And a cold spell in Autumn has given the mandarins a deep orange colour with a smooth, glossy skin.

Thomas Braybrook, Farm Manager at Sunwest near Mildura, says the new season, all Australian, Delite Mandarins are a stand-out crop that are sure to delight consumers.

“The Summer weather in the Sunraysia region was longer and more consistently warm in 2018, with over 100 days of sunshine and temperatures above 30 degrees. Combined with a cold snap in Autumn, the growing conditions have helped us deliver superior fruit this season,” Mr Braybrook said.

Delite Mandarins at Sunwest are grown under shade-cloth, which not only protects them from pests, but also ensures they are naturally seedless.

Executive General Manager Marketing & Export at Nutrano Produce Group, Brett Jackson, is expecting record sales in 2018.

“With their easy to peel skins, and distinctive sweet fragrance, Delite Mandarins are the perfect fruit for school lunch boxes, and snacks on the go.

“And as a healthy source of Vitamin C, what better way to help fight off the last of the winter colds and flu,” Mr Jackson said.

The new season Delite Mandarins will be available exclusively in Woolworths stores nationally from 8 August 2018. Look out for loose Delite mandarins with blue Delite stickers or in 700g mesh bags.

Source: Delite Citrus

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