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Removing feral pigs from the Singleton area a priority

Hunter Local Land Services is working with partners in the Singleton area to undertake a major feral pig control program, after increasing reports of sightings and damage from the community.

During the rest of September 2018 and early October 2018 our Biosecurity Officers will be working with a number of large mining and industrial companies to undertake a strategic trapping and baiting control program on their properties.

Biosecurity Officer Matt Kennedy said the ongoing drought is bringing feral pigs closer to populated areas, and they are impacting remaining pasture and feed supplies on local farms.

“With the drought stretching into another spring in the Singleton area we are seeing more pigs searching for scarce food and water and they are competing with livestock for these resources and also damaging crops,” said Matt.

“Feral pigs are known to carry a range of diseases that affect not just domestic animals, but also humans so it’s vitally important they are removed.

“We are also encouraging any local farmers that want to take part in the current control program to get in touch now, as it is not too join in.”

The program will see Hunter Local Land Services Biosecurity Officers work alongside employees from the various companies, to identify and target hotspots for feral pig activity.

“Pigs continue to breed all year round and when conditions improve after the drought, feral pigs will be one of the first species to recover, and every individual controlled now is a group we will not have to control later,” said Matt.

“It is great to see these large land managers in our region coming on board to target feral pigs, which can reside in remote bush and vegetated agriculture land but are now also coming closer to town because of the drought.

“We want to build on this partnership and see more landholders and public land managers get involved so we can ensure the feral pig population in this area is appropriately managed.”

If you want to participate in the program or have seen feral pigs in your area please contact your local Biosecurity Officer for the Singleton area, Matt Kennedy on or by phone 0428 686 178.

Source: Hunter Local Land Services

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