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True blue Aussie cider an easy choice

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It’s about to get easier to support Aussie cider makers, apple growers and pear growers with the launch of Cider Australia’s ‘100% Australian grown’ trust mark.

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud said the new mark would boost Australian craft cider sales around the world.

“The trust mark is a mark of quality and we are the first country to have one,” Minister Littleproud said.

“Australia is known for producing the best food in the world and now our cider makers can take advantage of that reputation.

“This is another way we’re showing customers they’re getting quality Aussie produce.

“This will put more demand on Aussie apples and pears, so growers can make a quid.

“The trust mark is part of the Government’s $500,000 investment in marketing Aussie cider overseas.

“Consumers want to support Aussie farmers and this empowers them to do that.

“This will show the Australian cider industry has integrity and drinkers can trust it.”

Cider Australia and Wine Australia have been working closely to launch the brand proposition at the eighth annual Australian Cider Awards in Sydney – the largest cider show in Australia.

Source: Australian Government

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