Pacific Seeds launches Hyola website for canola growers

Pacific Seeds canola manager Justin Kudnig
Pacific Seeds canola manager Justin Kudnig. Image courtesy of Pacific Seeds

Pacific Seeds has launched a standalone website for its hybrid canola brand, Hyola, providing growers with an online portal to comprehensive, targeted information.

The technically focussed website launch comes at an important time of year for canola growers, with spring bursting with field days and new technology demonstrations across WA, SA, Victoria and NSW.

Pacific Seeds canola business manager, Justin Kudnig, said it was an excellent time for the company to develop and release a website dedicated to canola agronomic and technical information.

“Having a spring launch date was important because that is when advisors, agronomists and growers begin to map out their cropping program for the next winter crop,” he said.

“Also, with our new canola herbicide stacked technologies incorporating the new TruFlex trait and the non-GM Clearfield-triazine combination being demonstrated at field days across the country, interested people now have access to further detailed information.

Mr Kudnig said the company dedicated a lot of resources to the interactive website.

“Hyola as a site has been in the works for at least a year, with a great deal of planning, reviewing and designing involved to get it to where it is now.

“We wanted it to be easy to navigate and full of relevant technical information, including product information technotes, agronomic guides, relevant state department of agriculture growing guides, canola industry key links and technical research papers.”

The Hyola website also includes company information on breeding activities, varietal performance and agronomic features, grower testimonials, latest news and events, crop solution agronomists contacts, canola grazing management, technical testing and evaluation, seed production, quality assurance and seed testing information.

Features to be added in the future include online seeding rate calculators, seed orders, seed availability, seedlot test results and GPS locator analysed trial results.

For more information on Hyola hybrid canola seed, visit

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